School Uniform

Parents are asked to provide uniform for their children. Our school uniform consists of a navy blue sweatshirt and a pale blue or white polo shirt, pale blue or white shirt or blouse, navy or grey trousers or skirt. We request that children come to school in sensible, sturdy shoes.

Uniform prices: Sweatshirt (£8.00) (XL- £11.00); P.E. T-shirt (£7.00); sunhat (£3.00); Waterproof coats with a warm lining (£20); book bags (£5); gym bags for children to bring P.E. kit / swimwear (£3.00).

These are all available for purchase from the school office. Other items are widely available elsewhere.

Children need to change for P.E. and games and will need a school T-shirt and shorts (leotard if preferred for the girls) for gym and dance and, in addition to this, they will need socks and pumps or trainers for games. During the colder months it is a good idea to provide tracksuit bottoms/ leggings and a spare sweatshirt.

We recommend that those pupils in Key Stage 2 who wish to attend football club have a pair of football boots for use in the autumn and spring terms.

We would ask that any clothing your child wears to school, that may be removed for games etc., is clearly labelled with the child’s name. This helps a great deal, especially with the younger children, where many clothes are of similar appearance.

We request that children do not wear jewellery in school, especially earrings for any sport activities. However, pupils who have pierced ears will be allowed to wear small, plain studs only in school. These need to be removed for P.E. lessons or left at home on P.E. days.