Modern Foreign Language – French

Our MFL scheme of work and its resources are designed to help support our delivery of the statutory modern foreign languages curriculum as outlined in the National Curriculum in an exciting and stimulating way.

It aims to develop:

  1. Oracy – the children’s ability to speak different languages
  2. Literacy – the children’s ability to read and write in different languages
  3. Intercultural understanding – the children’s understanding and appreciation of different cultures.
    The sequence of progression of our scheme of work has been carefully planned in order for the lessons to introduce the vocabulary needed to complete topics and to link into future topics as they emerge. The design also enables flexible use of the scheme so that class teachers may choose their own order of units to fit in with the prior knowledge of the children and any ongoing projects or topics within their classroom – all particularly useful in mixed age classes where pupils have different starting points.
    With each unit, there is an introduction video tutorial, a comic-based story to support the introduction of new vocabulary and accompanying worksheets.
    Themes are repeated so that pupils can become familiar with vocabulary. The scheme also incorporates a focus on Grammar looking at features such as gender, regular verbs, irregular verbs and adjectives.

Main teaching starts in Key Stage 2 but there are some introductory units for Years 1 and 2 to whet their appetites!

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