Snowy Owls…….calling you!!

Did you say, ‘Tawit Tawoo, Tawit Tawoo‘?

Well it is week 2 now of being at home and I thought I would say hello to you all. It has been a busy week getting you all set up on TTRock star and Numbots. Have you had a go yet?

My little dog Ditsy has enjoyed having all the family at home and has been enjoying playing in the garden in the sunshine. My children have been trying to do a bit of work but also having a bit of fun making TikToks and dancing and occasionally helpful things around the house!

I hope you are finding lots of interesting things to do with your time, lots of reading and drawing and writing and colouring and making and baking and sewing and ….well the list is endless with you clever lot!

I am looking forward to finding out what you’ve all been up to.

I have thought of lots of  interesting ideas of things for you to do this week with our new topic. Take a look at the activity sheet and give them a go!

Sending big hugs and cheery hellos from Mrs Madin (and Ditsy dog too) xx

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